Best Monopoly Share In India to Invest For Long Term 2021

Best Monopoly Share In India to Invest For Long Term 2021

Hello, friends in this article we are going to discuss 3 monopoly shares that are worth investing in for the long term. Here you can invest with a SIP method where you can invest a small amount every month. There are some really good stocks that doing good at this time and are growing fast in their segment.
monopoly shares

If any company holds a complete market then they are known as Monopoly shares But here we will also discuss the shares which hold the majority of part in a segment. However, you can also conclude them as a monopoly share because it has a competitive advantage in its business.

Why Choose Monopoly Share

Monopoly shares are those shares that proved their brand importance to the customers really well. That's the reason they are standing monopoly investing on these shares will grow money cause these shares will continue to grow in the future too. 

Good monopoly shares are always difficult to find but we have found some really good shares which are fundamentally strong and have good financials and look impressive in future growth sectors.


India has large railway platforms and railways are the most used platform to travel in India. IRCTC company is the only one that sells a railway ticket in India. And also it provides a catering and water service inside the trains. IRCTC is regulated by a government and considered as a monopoly share.
IRCTC monopoly share

IRCTC is affected by the covid and you can see the decline in revenue and profit in recent years. However, this will be solved soon. IRCTC is a debt-free company and also cash-rich company which has a really good growth prospect in the future.
  • Mkt Cap (Rs. Cr.) 59,815
  • Face Value 10


Computer age management system known as CAMS works as a service provider for a mutual fund. Where investor service, distributor service, and  AMC service are managed by this firm. Also, it has a market share of 70% in this sector and is mostly used by all the best mutual funds.
CAMS monopoly share

Cams are also going to stay a monopoly share in the future because it already holds many major clients of mutual funds and in this business, if a client makes a switch to the different company then it will cost a lot more money for them. That is why majorly clients will remain for a long term in this business.

CAMS is a debt-free company and holds a  142 crore cash equivalent and 213 crores of free cash flow. A debt-free monopoly share is really a good choice to invest in for the long term.

Mkt Cap (Rs. Cr.) 17,618
Face Value 10

3) Pidilite Industries Ltd.

Pidilite Industry is established in 1959 and it has made a strong brand name in India and a product like Fivicoal and Feviquick made a good name in the market. Also, this company is always involved in the innovation of products and bringing new products into the market.
pidilite monoply share

Dr. Flixel and M- Seal also took a major market share in its sector of business. The main reason for the success of this company other than its product is its Marketing. Pidilite industry makes really valuable and innovative advertisements also they are entertaining and people recall its name everywhere.
  • Mkt Cap (Rs. Cr.) 122,406
  • Face Value 1

Final Words With Conclusion

These are some of the monopoly shares that are worth investing regularly in SIP mode. I hope you liked this article and the details we are given. If you have any doubts comment below. Thanks for reading.

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