Who Am I?

Hello, My name is Abhijit Basu. A business professional with over 23 years of experience in Business Development, New Market Development, Key Account Management, and Sales in diverse industries.

I have started this website for those who trade with limited resources and are not confident with their trade positions. I have gone through all these problems from trade decision to trade execution and found both the things are not same and moreover for different people.

That's why best analysts are not at all the best traders and vise-versa and exceptions are there. I read the market with technical analysis and statistical analysis to zeroed down the list of scripts for the next trading sessions intraday & positional purposes. Then come the strategies part where I create the cheapest way-out to get into the trade with a feasible option target 1 and target 2. This is a handhold way of trading where anyone can earn without losing capital.

Also, I will provide much useful investment and saving information on this blog. Check this site for quality content.

Contact Details

Facebook:- Zero Loss Advice

Twitter:- Abhijit Basu

LinkedIn:- Abhijit Basu

Email:- absu21@gmail.com

Telegram:- https://t.me/Optiongameplan

You can reach me for any details and discussion from the above details. Thank You.