Who Am I?

Hello! I'm Abhijit Basu, a corporate professional with over 23 years of experience in creating business models, developing business life cycles, venturing into new markets, and strategic business development. I am proud to hold a top-grade MBA degree from a reputable Indo-International Institute.

I have launched this website with a focus on investors and traders who enter the market with limited resources and lack confidence in their trade positions. Having personally experienced the challenges from trade decision-making to execution, I understand that these processes vary among individuals.

That's why being a good investor doesn't necessarily require being a skilled analyst, and vice versa. By employing technical analysis and statistical analysis, I carefully analyze the market to curate a list of scripts for both intraday and positional trading in the upcoming sessions. I then develop cost-effective strategies that provide a viable pathway to enter trades with achievable targets, ensuring a handholding approach to trading that minimizes capital risk.

Moreover, this blog will offer valuable investment and savings information. Feel free to explore this site for quality content and useful insights.

Contact Details

Facebook:- Zero Loss Advice

Twitter:- Abhijit Basu @absu21

LinkedIn:- Abhijit Basu

Email:- absu21@gmail.com

Telegram:- https://t.me/Optiongameplan

You can reach me for any details and discussion from the above details. Thank You.