All Time High In Nifty50 What Can I Do?

All Time High In Nifty50 What Can I Do?

We all know a new all-time high has been broken now in the market. You may be wondered what should be your position now to became a good investor. Well, I will help you to find the next move in the market to sustain with a great profit.

Nifty50 Has broken an all-time high now the question is will it sustain there or get liquidated there only.

all time high

I have gone much deeper to feel the real momentum of the index whether the trend can be rideable from here or start booking profit from this point.
If you go through my previous posts, I have tried to show the approach of a practical mindset which includes more data that we cannot see or feel on the chart but is very much effective to decide the probability of the trend or direction along with the momentum.

Situation In Nifty Market

Now let's come towards Nifty50 current status. The index has given a breakout with a positive cumulative volume. If we go through the open interest data of the past one week, that the preparation of breaking the last highest point has triggered from a week back only, but the price-volume analysis of the last 2 months has shown that smart traders are still in the buying mood. It is very important that the index must trade above the 15385 to15432 range to keep this momentum up.

It was very important for the Nifty index to come out from the Top Flat channel ( TFC ) and which has done perfectly. You may have seen that India VIX has also substantially decreased immediately after breaking the TFC.
So, as per data and the sentiment analysis, I can see there is a probability Nifty to touch the 16000 levels very soon.

Final Word With Conclusion

I hope the above-mentioned information helped you to find the next move in the market. One thing we need to understand is the market will always grow up in the future. Because India is a well-growing country and investing in India is the best thing. I hope you have got a solution for the next move. I hope you liked this article If you have any doubts or queries comment below. Thanks for reading.

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