Hello, friends in this article we will discuss Ugro capital potentials. We will find all the future growth of the company. And finally, we will discuss on should we buy it in this dip or not.

ugro capital

All About Ugro Capital

Ugro capital is an undervalued stock with good potential to grow in the coming future.

Fundamentally this stock is overvalued but buying deep in every low could be a good strategy.

Fundamental Analysis

Technical Cart :

Technically this stock is a bullish stock with increasing volume.
 A medium-term investment strategy can be entering into every important Fibonacci retracement.

So, as per strategy one can enter this stock at Rs.119.50 level, if it goes down then Rs.109 and  Rs.100  level ( Figure EOD basis).

The target plan is also stagewise which starts from Rs.132 and further upward Rs.149, Rs.170, and Rs.194.

There is a short-term return of 66% is expected from this investment.

Final Word With Conclusion

I hope you liked this article these are all about my opinion on and analysis on Ugro Capital If you have any doubts and queries regarding this please comment below.


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