Hello, friends in this article I will analyze Cupid Ltd stock and see its fundamentals and growth aspects based on its past history. With the help of this, we can think of investing in it.

Should We Accumulate Cupid Ltd

Cupid Ltd. is a fundamentally strong company with high potential for profitability with sustainable future growth quality Management and financial health with no threat of bankruptcy. 

This stock is a little overvalued so it is always good to have a strategy of buy-in deep.

Fundamental Analysis Of Cupid Ltd

Please find the fundamental analysis of this particular stock below. ...

Impressive growth rates show future sustainability 

Higher profit margin ratio expresses the possibilities of growth.

Please find the technical Chart of the script.

I have tried to analyze the price points where one can enter in this script. To me, as per my fundamental analysis, this stock is overpriced as I have expressed above but again this is a  quality stock so what could be the strategy.

We can accumulate this stock in deep. I found as per my technical analysis it is going to create a Harmonic butterfly pattern. Which means we may get more than one accumulation point.
So accumulation points are ...
  • Accumulation 1: Rs.211- Rs.201
  • Accumulation 2: Rs.170
  • Accumulation 3: Rs.143
  • Final Accumulation:  Rs.114 ( Chances are very less)
If you get the stock at the final accumulation price then the minimum target should be Rs.190.

Final Word With Conclusion

I hope you liked this analysis and charts where we can see the growth potential of a particular stock based on its performance. If you have any doubts or queries feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading.

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